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ENplus A1 certifikatThe wood pellet is made from pure, uncontaminated shredded wood (sawdust), without any chemically binding agents, it is cylindrical in shape with a diameter of 6-8mm and a length of 10 to 30mm.

Wood pellets are produced under high pressure, which creates a natural “glue” and the pellets manage to retain their roll shape even after they have cooled. Pellets are biofuels that are used to heat a variety of spaces to produce heat.

The energy value of the pellets is about 18 MJ / kg. They have a very low moisture content (below 10%) which allows very high combustion efficiency. According to heat values, 2 kg of wood pellets replace approximately 1 liter of heating oil or 1.85 kg of pellets replace 1 m3 of natural gas.

The pellets are CO2-neutral. Pellets are renewable. During combustion, the pellet does not produce greenhouse gases as a heat source and is considered one of the few absolutely natural, safe and healthy energy sources. Like other wood biomass, pellets pollute the air and the environment much less because they have less than the allowable CO, NOx and dust emission limit values.